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No. Name of Industries
Financial Industry
1 Banking Industry
2 Securities Industry
3 Insurance Industry
4 Financial Trust and Management
5 Financial Lease
6 Large equity investment fund
Business Service Industry
7 Accounting firm
8 Law Firm
9 Advertising Industry
10 Consultation Service
Modern Logistics
11 Headquarter of logistics companies, Procurement center, Operation center, VMI center
12 To build logistics information public service platform
13 The establishment of logistics new system, The promotion of logistics new technology
14 Systematic establishment of supply chain and industry chain with logistic service as the articulation point
15 The development and implementation of logistics system technology, such as intellectual management, electronic settlement, tiered warehouse, automatic recognition and identification, visible and goods tracking
Internet industry
16 Internet basic service
17 e-commerce
18 Internet entertainment
19 Internet content
20 Internet communication
21 information retrieval and data mining
New Generation IT Industry
22 Next generation information network
23 mobile internet
24 The Internet of Things
25 New model components and special equipment
26 High-end software and information service
27 the integration of telecommunications networks, cable tv networks and the internet
28 New model flat panel display
29 High-performance IC
30 Cloud Computing
Hi-tech Service Industry
31 R&D and design service
32 intellectual property right service
33 Inspection and testing service
34 Service for the commercialization of research findings
35 Information Technology Service
36 Digital content service
37 E-commerce service
38 Biotechnology service
cultural and creative industries
39 Creative design
40 Cultural software
41 Comic and Animation games
42 New media and cultural information service (expect for foreign funded)
43 Digital Publication (expect for foreign funded)
44 film and television show business(expect for foreign funded)
45 Cultural tourism
46 High-end arts and crafts
The Bioengineering Industry
47 Bio-medical treatment
48 Bioengineering and pharmaceutical
New material Industry
49 Metamaterials
Urban industry
50 Garment industry (headquarter, fashion design, marketing and exhibition center)
51 Watch industry (headquarter, R&D, marketing and exhibition center)
Commerce and Trade
52 Large commerce and trade center
53 Brand trade show and national exhibition
54 Exhibition comprehensive service
55 Convention and exhibition information consultation and exhibition affairs handling
56 Economy and technology exhibition