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Key development areas
Futian District is divided into eight parts for the development of different industries. The areas include Central District, Chegongmiao Block, Futian Free Trade Zone, North Huaqiang (Shangbu) Block, Bagualing Block, Meilin Block, Jinsha Block and North River Bend Block.

Central District
Central District comprises Central Commercial Area, Shenzhen International Innovation Center and Tianmian City of Design.
Industry Orientation: Modern services industry with finance industry and investment service as the cores; headquarters for the world's top 500 companies; multinational groups; and Chinese and overseas industrial leaders.

Chegongmiao Block
Chegongmiao includes Tianan Cyber Park, Tairan Science and Technology Park, Zhuzilin Community and Honey Lake Community.
Industry Orientation: Hi-tech industries including mainly software, electronic communication and mobile phone industries; R&D base and headquarters venue for strategic new industries such as Internet development, new generation communication technology (the integration of telecommunications networks, cable RV networks and the Internet); creating ecological, intellectual hi-tech parks with self-reliant innovation.

Futian Free Trade Zone
Industry Orientation: Hi-tech and advanced technical industry and modern logistics are the centers of economic development in Futian Free Trade Zone. The zone is leading the new round of transfers of international high-end industries and is accelerating the transfer of its industrial structure into a technical R&D center, a base for outsourcing services, an information center, a commercial exhibition center and a center for headquarters of multinational companies. The zone will speed up the cooperation in bonded service industries between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It will take in organizations from Hong Kong and overseas that are engaging in producer services, and will make great efforts to develop international trade and commercial services. The zone will be built into a model for opening up, cooperation between HK and Shenzhen and high-end industries.

North Huaqiang (Shangbu) Block
Includes North Huaqiang Business Circle, South Huaqiang and Huaxin Village
Industry Orientation: The area will be developed into a high-quality business center that engages in high-end electronic information services, exhibitions, R&D, trading and producer services industries. It will also provide offices and residences.

Bagualing Block
Industry Orientation: In the short term, Bagualing Block mainly engages in garment design, printing, packaging and other urban industries. In the long term, the block will become a base for industrial headquarters after urban renewal. Bagualing will integrate manufacturing, commerce and trading, and will provide back-up industrial land in Futian for the future development of strategic new industries.

Meilin Block
Industry Orientation: On the basis of the "Futian International E-Commercial Industrial Park," through urban renewal and industry transfers, Meilin will gradually develop an industry cluster for Internet, the Internet of things, e-commerce and new generation electronic information technology. The e-commerce industrial belt to the north of Beihuan Road (North Ring Road) will be the key area for Meilin's industry.

Jinsha Block
The area bordered by Binhe Road, Xinzhou Road and Furong Road
Industry Orientation: A comprehensive industry cluster area with hi-tech industries as the priority, cultural industry as support and innovative cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong as a feature. The key industries of Jinsha are high-end service industries which gives priority to undertaking Hong Kong's producer services, new generation communication technology and Internet industries. The area will improve its ability in R&D and design and its industrial services functions, with speeding up industrial incubation as the priority. Jinsha intends to become an internationally first-class cultural and art creation zone and the design base of China.

North River Bend Block
The block includes Huanggang Port, Futian Village and Chiwei Village on the northern bend of the Shenzhen River.
As an important part of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation, the block will facilitate interaction between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and become a multifunctional area integrating port services, a transportation hub, commerce centers and offices. Futian South area will be transformed into a cluster for cultural and creative industries.