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Futian District is Shenzhen's economic center. Oriented by a service-based economy, it forms a special economic structure that also relies on a headquarters-based economy, modern service industries and more.

Headquarters enterprises
With a cluster of company headquarters located in Futian, the district has set a good example for the Pearl River Delta and even the whole nation. By far, 84 Fortune 500 companies have invested in Futian, setting up 145 legal person institutions. Of the nine Shenzhen companies that made into the top 100 on the Fortune 500 list in 2015, three were from Futian, namely Ping An Insurance Group, Ping An Bank and China Merchants Bank. More than 100 Futian companies are listed on the stock markets. High-tech and high-end service industries have become the pillar of the economy. Half of the 32 Shenzhen companies that make the China Top 500 list are from Futian.

Modern service industries
Modern service industries have created a strong foundation for Futian's growth into a regional economic center. The modern service industry contributed 227.648 yuan in 2015, 10.7 percent more than 2014.Nearly 4,000 high-end service companies in financial, modern trading, high-end tourism and international convention and exhibition industries are located in Futian's Central Business District, or CBD.

Skyscraper Economy 
Some 73 skyscrapers in Futian District each paid more than 100 million yuan in taxes. The taxes they collectively paid accounted for more than half of the district's total tax revenues. The China Merchants Bank Building paid 7.4 million yuan, equivalent to that of a medium-sized inland Chinese city.By the end of May, 2012, 45 companies registered in Futian were listed in Shenzhen or Shanghai Stock Exchange, including 11 companies in SEMs board and six companies in ChiNex board. Futian’s scale of financial industry plays the leading role in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, and even in the whole China. Futian District People’s Government won the “Stable Financial Industry” award presented by Guangdong Provincial Government in the year 2010.

Financial Center 
Located in the heartland of Shenzhen and blessed with abundant financial resources, Futian is the city's financial center. The financial industry recorded an added value of 110.95 billion yuan in 2015, accounting for nearly half of the city's total. With good Internet infrastructure, Futian is home to many finance, logistics and supply chain companies. China Merchants Bank and Ping An Insurance Group, both on the Fortune 500 list, are located in Futian. China Southern Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Bosera Asset Management Co., Ltd. are among the top 10 asset management firms in China. Nearly half of private equity firms in China are based in Shenzhen, of which most are in Futian.


Emerging Industries of Strategic Importance 
Six more companies were listed on the A-share markets in 2015. There are more than 100 listed companies in Futian, making the district one of Shenzhen's incubator bases of listed companies.

Electronic information
Shenzhen has developed the largest-scale electronic information industry in China. Shenzhen’s production volume of computers and SPC exchange, and the export volume of software rank first in China. Futian is the crucial area in the industry chains of the Pearl River Delta. Futian is also the trading center of electronic products, computers, software, communication equipment, digital audio-visual products, biopharmaceutical products and other hi-tech products. Mobile phone industry of Futian takes the lead in the city. The biggest mobile phone sales market in Shenzhen even in the whole country, North Huaqiang Electronics Street, is located in Futian. North Huaqiang houses the trading center, R&D center and information center of electronic industry in Pearl River Delta. North Huaqiang has become the base for the aggregation and extension of electronic information industry in Shenzhen even in Pearl River Delta.

Security products
The security industry of Futian plays a very important role in that of Shenzhen. Futian is home to 30 percent of the security companies in Shenzhen. Futian sells 40% of Shenzhen’s annual sales volume of security products. Several large-scale security product markets have been set up in Futian, such as Pacific Security and Protection, Huitong Security and Protection. China’s first third-party automobile inspection headequarter, CCIC Automobile Inspection Co., Ltd., has been established in Futian.

The telecommunication is quite developed in Futian. Microwave transmission system, SPC system, fiber-optical and digital network are equipped around the whole district. The local centers for communication service and media, such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Post, Shenzhen Media Group and Cable TV, are all in Futian.