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Futian's economy is service-oriented. It's driven by two wheels --- enterprises' headquarters and the modern services industry. The district endeavors to expand the scales of headquarters and form clusters of them to foster exchanges between companies. Meanwhile, the district is building a complete service industry chain that covers finance, logistics, commercial services, emerging industries, high-tech industries and more.

Headquarters economy
Futian focuses on attracting regional headquarters of multinational companies, grouping company headquarters of listed companies and cultivating headquarters of companies that are established and developed locally. Futian's central district will grow into a base for a high-end headquarters economy, the key area for Shenzhen's headquarters economy and part of the Shenzhen-HK headquarters economy.

Strategic new industries
Futian makes great efforts to develop strategic new industries such as Internet development, new-generation information technology, the Internet of things, creative culture and hi-tech services.

Producer services industry
Futian focuses on the development of industries with initiative advantages, such as finance, logistics and supply chains, outsourcing and commercial services. Futian is speeding up the collaboration of different industries and bringing forth new industry models, new service methods and new business modes. Futian will cultivate new service industries, such as hi-tech services, and support the development of new business modes such as

index services, virtual economies, consulting services, copyright services and inspection and authentication services. Moreover, Futian will use new technologies to innovate and upgrade traditional service sectors and give them new advantages.

High-end consumer-related services industry
Futian is accelerating the development of modern commerce, urban leisure tourism and community services, in order to encourage modern, individualized consumption.

By optimizing the existing hi-tech industry and urban industry, Futian is gradually forming a new urban industry system that complies with the district's development. By implementing industry innovations, industry cultivation and industry upgrade projects, Futian is attracting and cultivating a group of science and technology headquarter companies and encouraging hi-tech enterprises to move forward to the high-value-added end of the industry chain. Technology-intensive light industries -- such as the apparel and timepiece industries -- are also encouraged to develop here.