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Fang Jinlong was born in Anqing, Anhui Province, in 1963. As art director for the girl band "Fang Jinlong Fanghua 18," he is one of the "Four Kings of National Traditional Music" and a representative player of the modern five-string Chinese lute. He has also published many articles and books on Chinese lute skills and has representative works such as "Ambush on All Sides."

Fang has set up a Chinese instrument hall in Futian to exhibit his precious collections of musical instruments. He has also founded a national traditional music orchestra, targeting at promoting "wild folk music." The Jinlong National Music Institute helps create a bigger world for students, letting them experience original folk music from areas such as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia. From May to December 2013, Fang is holding 13 classic national music concerts and four public lectures on folk music.