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Cooking pot dish, a traditional food in the Shenzhen Bay area, and pastry-making have been common customs in Futian District for generations.

Pot dish also is popular in Hong Kong's New Territories. In Futian District, Xiasha Village is the most representative of pot dish traditions. The custom was called "turning on the light" in the past and played an important role in celebration and worship activities. Pot dish is very famous and popular across the country and around the world because of its special production procedures and cultural characteristics.

Pastry-making is also a traditional custom and folk technique in Futian District. It is closely linked with celebration activities, such as making fried rice cakes for Spring Festival, Qingming cake for Qingming Festival, fried glutinous rice balls for the birth of a boy and rice balls for daily uses. All these cakes and snacks are made with special techniques, but again, the traditions are being lost as development accelerates.