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Metropolitan life
Futian is the central area of Shenzhen. The facilities for education, medical care, culture, transportation, communication, entertainment, dining and living are well established. The urban life here is colorful, bright and fruitful with vitality, up-to-date with the world’s trend.

Futian District is the most dynamic area in Shenzhen, China. It is the administrative, cultural, information, financial, exhibition and commercial center of Shenzhen. It enjoys a prosperous economy and good infrastructure, as well as an immigrant culture that encourages innovation and the pursuit of excellence. These advantages, together with its proximity to Hong Kong, make Futian a hot spot for multinational companies, company headquarters and the modern services sector.
GDP: 382 billion yuan (2017)
Total export-imort volume: US$700 billion (2017)

GDP growth: 8.4% (2017)
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Sustainable development
Futian District is taking a lead in Shenzhen and even in China in sustainable development. It has made "building a national eco-zone" as its goal. The district encourages energy conservation and low carbon emissions among residents.

Major goals for 2017's social and economic development

The regional gross domestic product will grow by around 8.3 percent, the fixed-asset investment will increase by more than 18 percent, the total retail sales of consumer goods will grow by more than 8 percent, the total volume of import and export will increase by 1 percent, the general public budget revenue will increase by about 10 percent, the per capita disposable income of urban residents will reach 67,000 yuan, and the registered urban unemployment rate will be controlled within 3 percent.