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Futian District is located in the middle of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, between Hongling Road in the east and Qiaochengdong Road in the west, with Longhua District to the north and the Shenzhen River to the south. It faces Hong Kong's New Territories and Yuen Long area across the river.
Area: 78.66 sqkm, about 4 percent of Shenzhen
Land developed: 56.60 sqkm.

Many Futian residents are migrants from other parts of the Chinese mainland. A melting pot of diverse cultures, Futian is tolerant and open. "Encourage innovation, forgive failure, pursue excellence" is the city's motto.
Population: 1.50 million by the end of 2016
Density: 19,600 per square kilometer, the highest in Shenzhen.
Average age of residents: 28  

Putonghua (Mandarin) and Cantonese are the two major languages spoken here. Many young people in Futian can speak English, too.


The name "Futian" derives from an inscription dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1297) that reads: "Lakes and mountains are blessed with fertile farmlands." Another written record shows that people from Shangsha Village built houses in Songziling in 1192, and farmlands were cultivated in lattice shapes, which in Chinese is a homophone for "Futian," which means "blessed fields" in Chinese. The Futian District People's Government was established in October 1990. 

Shenzhen has a mild, subtropical oceanic climate. An annual average temperature of 22.3 degrees Celsius brings Shenzhen people a beautiful garden city, with four seasons of green trees and blooming flowers.
Spring (March to mid-May): temperatures between 18-27 degrees Celsius, warm and humid
Summer (late May to mid-Sept.): temperatures between 26-33 degrees Celsius, hot and humid with abundant rainfall
Autumn (late Sept. to early Dec.) temperatures between 18-28 degrees Celsius, dry and cool, fine weather
Winter (late Dec. to late Feb): temperatures between 14-18 degrees Celsius, sometimes foggy