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As one of the most prosperous districts of Shenzhen, an international metropolis, Futian serves some of the best food in the world. With thousands of eateries, visitors can taste delicious food from around the world. Bar streets, including those in Coco Park and New City Plaza, are all good choices for pubgoers at night.

Major Food street

Meilin Food Street
Some expatriates love it so much that they call it a "street-food heaven."

Add: Meilin Food Street
Metro: Shang Mei Lin Station (上梅林站) 
Bus lines: 102, 216, 222, 328 (Xia Mei Lin Stop ) ; 60, 102, 207, 324, 328 (Shang Mei Lin Stop )

Huaqiangbei Street
In terms of size, the Huaqiangbei area in Futian District is the largest catering center in Shenzhen. Huaqiangbei refers to Zhenxing Road, Huafa Road, Yannan Road and Zhonghang Road in Huaqiang Commercial Center. Here you'll fi nd a great variety of Sichuan, Anhui and Cantonese foods. Expats, tourists and many locals enjoy the various types of international cuisine it has to offer, including Italian, French, Thai, German, American and Philippine.

Add: Huaqiangbei Street
Metro: Hua Qiang Bei Station (华强北站)
Bus lines: 9, 12, 212, 216, 238, 302, 385 (Hua Qiang Bei stop )

Major Bar street

Coco Park Bar Street
Conveniently located in the city’s central business area, Coco Park is near to major luxury hotels and the convention and exhibition center. The shopping center’s bar street primarily wraps around one corner of the building, sprawling out on the sidewalk and beneath some impressive trees. When much of the city is going to sleep at midnight, the bar street here is often packed.

Add: Fuhua Road 3, Futian District ( 福田区福华三路)
Metro: Exit C, Gou Wu Gong Yuan Station
Bus lines: 73, 109, 221, K318, 398 (Gou Wu Gong Yuan stop 购物公园站), or 50, 121, 371, 375, 379 (Zhong Hai Hua Ting stop 中海华庭站)

New City Plaza Bar Street
If you're centrally located and don't feel like making the trek to Shekou, the bar area next to New City City Plaza in Futian District is a good option. An escape from the loud rock at most bars, New City Plaza bars offer light relaxing music that harmonizes with the area's quiet ambiance. All built in transparent glass, the bars have both outdoor and indoor seating.

Add: 1009 Hongli Road, Futian District
Metro: Exit A, Hongling Station (红岭站), walk around 500m
Bus Lines: Lizhi World Stop: 16, 325, 326, 332
Tel: 0755-82095655