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Spring Festival flower market to reopen

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THE city has decided to reopen the city-level Spring Festival flower market for the 2019 Spring Festival, three years after discontinuing the decades-long tradition.

Hall 1 and Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Futian District have been decided on as the location, rather than Aiguo Road in Luohu District, which organized the flower market for nearly 20 years.

The flower market will open Jan. 31 and close Feb. 4, the eve of the Spring Festival, the Futian District Urban Administration Bureau announced Sunday.

The organizer is inviting hawkers and vendors to bid for stalls at the convention and exhibition center.

According to the bureau, the 30,000-sqm Hall 1 can accommodate 450 stalls and the 7,500-sqm Hall 6 can host 60 stalls. The market will be divided into 13 sections for festival specialties, including spring couplets, gifts, food, arts and crafts, fresh flowers and plants, and potted flowers. The stalls will be graded into three levels, ranging from 3,000 yuan (US$435) to 9,000 yuan depending on the location and type of commodities being sold. The deadline for bids is Friday and more information can be found at

Shenzhen closed the city-level flower market in 2016 for “disturbing the neighborhood,” and encouraged districts to organize flower markets locally. However, in an online survey launched by on the eve of the 2018 Spring Festival more than 90 percent of participants voted to reopen the flower market.