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A MEMORANDUM to establish a friendly exchange relationship between Futian District and Italy’s Apulia region was signed by Gao Shengyuan, District Mayor of Futian and Apulia’s minister of tourism and culture on July 19, 2018, elevating the bilateral ties to a new height.

As the Futian District Government is devoted to building Futian into a first-class international modern urban area, efforts have been made to enhance international exchanges by establishing friendly exchange relationships with counterparts in foreign countries.

The Foreign Affairs Office of Futian District Government has been developing a friendly connection with the Apulia region since April last year and established a solid relationship by promoting exchanges and cooperation regarding technology, cultural industry and other projects.

Apulia is a large region in southern Italy with an area of 19,358 square kilometers and a population of 4.06 million. The capital, Bari, is an important cultural center in the region.

Futian has entered into friendly exchange relationships with six foreign cities or regions. There are now 26 Italian-invested enterprises in Futian, with total investment exceeding 56.80 million yuan (US$8.47 million). Twelve of these Italian enterprises are engaged in foreign trade