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What we do

Futian organizes activities for expat volunteer team on a regular basis, including visit to nursing home and welfare center to show care to people there. New activities will be announced here in a timely manner.
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Jude (C) and Madli give an interview during a break at a hip-hop festival in Futian Sports Park.

Everton George (third from R), an American volunteer, serves with his Chinese peers at a “Sound of Friendship” concert in Futian’s Shenzhen Concert Hall.

Portuguese volunteer Tiago Loureiro (C) helps with enrollment at Beijing University Shenzhen Graduate School. 

Ron DeWitt (C) voluntarily reads stories to children on a Sunday afternoon at Shenzhen Children’s Library in Futian District.

Volunteers Anthony Prempeh (3rd from R) and Jason Burns play with kids during a Children’s Day celebration at Meilin Park, Futian District.Photos by Sun Yuchen