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General Office

The office manages core work and daily affairs of the district government, coordinates government agencies and plans leaders' agendas, meetings and important activities.

Development and Reform Bureau

The bureau is responsible for formulating and implementing strategies of economic and social development, putting forward economic targets and policies, regulating price levels and optimizing economic structures, leading conservation efforts for resources and energy, and coordinating economic exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and mainland cities.

Financial Industry Development & Service Office

1. To formulate economic plans and policies;
2. To lead industrial structure upgrading;
3. To facilitate the introduction of investments and key projects;
4. To examine and approve the founding of foreign-funded enterprises in the district;
5. To develop foreign financial exchange and cooperation;
6. To improve and promote tourism in Futian.

Education Bureau

Manage affairs related to students' enrollment, examinations and academic credentials, teaching, teaching staffs, campus security and so on.

Technology & Innovation Bureau

1. To work out policies to develop high-tech and strategic emerging industries;
2. To spur the creation, nurturing and commercialization of intellectual property rights;
3. To plan high-tech enterprise incubators and high-tech parks, manage government-invested incubators and high-tech parks, and promote regional science and technology innovations through system-building;
3. To promote popular science;
4. To push ahead construction of information systems in the district.

Social Affairs Bureau

1. To develop democracy at the grassroots level;
2. To give guidance on community construction, management and services;
3. To offer services related to social welfare, basic living allowances, disaster relief, marriage and funeral management, adoption, NGOs, and NPOs.

Judicial Bureau

1. To provide legal services and resolve disputes;
2. To supervise and instruct legal assistance offices, legal and notarization services and activities;
3. To provide legal advice to district government.

Finance Bureau

1. To administer macro-economic policies and annual budgets, handle fiscal policy, economic regulations and government revenues and expenditures for the district;
2. To manage and supervise social security funds, and lead accounting affairs in the district;
3. To process the registration of foreign-funded enterprises in Futian;
4. To supervise government financial accounts, government funds, fiscal receipts and government warehouses.

Human Resources Bureau

1. To plan the training and development of professionals in Futian;
2. To handle the classification of duties, employment, personnel assignment, reassignment, retirement, dismissal, training, award and punishment of Futian government employees;
2. To introduce top professionals (including returned overseas talents) at home and abroad and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;
3. To protect workers' rights, including those of women and the underage.

Housing and Construction Bureau

Manages affairs related to urban construction, construction industries, gas, property management and affordable housing in the area.  

Culture and Sports Bureau

The bureau is responsible for affairs related to culture, arts, sports and media, press and publication, cultural relics, libraries and performances in the district.  

Health Bureau

1. Improve public health and medical service systems in the district.
2. Establish and improve the network of disease prevention and control, health education, maternal and child hygiene, emergency treatment and family planning. 

Auditing Bureau

1. To audit government revenues and expenditures and public funds at the corresponding levels, as well as State-owned enterprises using government funds;
2. To exercise supervision across the principal leading persons of government departments and of other units subject to auditing by audit institutions as stipulated by law as to how they perform during their terms of office and their economic accountabilities.

Bureau of Environmental Protection and Water Resources

1. To oversee the prevention and treatment of pollution concerning the atmosphere, water, soil, noise, solid waste, poisonous chemicals and automobiles;
2. To examine and approve environmental impact reports for development and construction activities;
3. To manage the water resources in the district;
4. To organize and coordinate pollution-prevention work in key water valleys;
5. To undertake the prevention of droughts, floods and typhoons;
6. To regularly release reports on air and water quality and on environmental conditions in the district.

Bureau of Statistics

To collect and process data related to the economy and social development, and to regularly release statistical reports to the public.

Urban Management Bureau

The bureau directs and supervises affairs related to the environment, afforestation, streetlights, city cleaning facilities and advertising billboards, and carries out enforcement of administrative laws.

Land Supervision Bureau

The bureau directs the investigation, clearance and demolition of illegal constructions and uses of land in the district.

Futian Public Security Sub-Bureau

The bureau is responsible for preventing and tracking down crimes in the district, and handling security patrols, preliminary hearings, household registrations, entry and exit affairs and affairs related to foreigners' residency and travel in Futian, and other related tasks.

Bureau of Work Safety

1. To organize work safety inspections, organize emergency rescue operations for major accidents and investigate major accidents;
2. To enforce work safety rules.

Construction Bureau

The bureau organizes, coordinates and supervises construction projects.  

Urban village renovation office

1. To plan, examine and report urban renovation projects in the district;
2. To coordinate and supervise project construction.

Treasury Payment Center

The office deals with payments to the national treasury.

Govt. Purchasing Center

1. To draft bid documents and organize bid openings, assessments and selections;
2. To publish, collect, analyze and report government purchasing information;
3. To examine and sign government purchasing contracts.

Rental Property Management Office

1. To engage in the overall management of rental properties in the district;
2. To coordinate and resolve lease disputes according to requirements.

Emergency Management Office

Lead affairs related to disaster relief, civil defense and other emergencies. 

Cultural Industry Development Office

The office is responsible for developing Futian's cultural industry by means of formulating support policies, directing cultural industry efforts, pushing ahead major projects and establishing information platforms in the district.

Housing Development Center

1. To implement national, provincial and city-level laws and rules related to urban construction, survey and design consultancy, property management, gas, housing safety, government-subsidized apartments, and draft relevant regulations for Futian.
2. Draft plans for the construction industry, energy conservation in the construction industry and government-subsidized apartments and implement them after the plans are approved.
3. To direct the construction of government-subsidized apartments in the district and manage them.
4. To supervise the property management and manage housing funds in the district.
5. To supervise the use of gas.
6. To supervise and promote energy conservation of buildings in the district.

Futian Enterprises Service Center

1. To interact with industry associations and government departments in Futian;
2. To collect business data and report that data to district government;
3. To promote a favorable investment climate in Futian District;
4. To receive applications for capital and project support, provide advisory and training services to enterprises, and organize companies going to or hosting trade fairs.

Futian Disabled Persons' Federation

The federation provides employment guidance and social insurance to Futian residents with disabilities.